2012 News Archive

04/02/12 - The Dopamines "Vices" coming June 19th

The Dopamines third album titled Vices has been set with a June 19th release date.

We are going to be premiering tracks over the course of the next two months on our bandcamp page as well as other online punk news sites. If you missed the first from a few weeks ago on the Life Is A Party Podcast interview with Jon Lewis you should definitely download it. It's a great interview covering the entire history of the band to date.

We will also detail plans for pre-orders both here and through other mailorders and distros that will include limited, exclusive vinyl colors of the LP and possibly package deals including exclusive merch. So be sure to "like" our facebook page and follow us on twitter and tumblr if you don't already, and keep checking back here every couple of weeks for more details on this and other awesome upcoming releases.

So for now, check out the opening A side and B side tracks from Vices on our bandcamp page and please check out the Vices release page for an incredible write up done by our good buddy Servo From The Internet.

Enjoy! And please help spread the word!


03/05/12 - Gateway District and Crusades LPs back in print!

Gateway District Perfect's Gonna Fail LP and Crusades The Sun Is Down And The Night Is Riding In LP have both been repressed and are now available for purchase and ready to ship. Both albums sold through their first pressings this year, but are back and on new colors of vinyl too! Please check out the Releases section for more specific details. And if you haven't purchased both already I can only assume it's because you haven't heard them  yet. If that's the case, please do me, you and the bands a favor by doing so immediately!

Both are available for direct purchase on the Store page and will be restocked over at our distributor No Idea Records in the very near future. Easily two of the best albums we've ever been lucky enough to be part of!

In other news there is a sale running on several older LPs and CDs on the Store page. Feel free to gobble these up as soon as you'd like because we desperately need the shelf space for a ridiculous amount of new records coming out this year!

Four 12"s for $25

IAR 22 - Chinese Telephones s/t
IAR 41 - House Boat The Delaware Octopus
IAR 42 - The Varsity Weirdos Can't Go Home
IAR 44 - Fear Of Lipstick s/t

Seven CDs for $30

IAR 18 - For Science Way Out Of Control
IAR 24 - The Veterans s/t
IAR 41 - House Boat The Delaware Octopus
IAR 42 - The Varsity Weirdos Can't Go Home
IAR 43 - Be My Doppelganger No Composure
IAR 44 - Fear Of Lipstick s/t
IAR 49 - Stoned At Heart Party Tracks Vol.1


02/14/12 - Punch Drunk, Dopamine <3

Five years ago on Valentine's Day Jon Lewis wrote the lyrics for what would become the first song on the first album of the first record by The Dopamines. At the time The Dopamines s/t LP was only our second album we were the sole label responsible for releasing on all formats. It was the first time we were doing so with a band's debut release. It was a big deal for us...

Watching them climb out of the basements and onto the stage and then head out across the country and later across Europe was incredibly exciting! It was also something we took a lot of pride in having been a part of.

Things got shitty in the real world which caused big problems for the label. Time was needed to regroup and rethink how this label could survive. The Dopamines second album Expect The Worst was released by another label and we had to watch with both bitter sweet happiness and huge regret as it rocketed them up to a whole new level of awesome.

I swore if an opportunity to do another album with them ever arose, we weren't going to pass on it for anything. That opportunity just knocked down our door a short while ago...

The Dopamines third album Vices will be released by us in early Spring 2012.

Keep checking back for more news on this and a bunch of other killer releases coming out this year on It's Alive Records.


01/21/12 - The world better not come to an end this December, we got records to release!

Hey everyone, welcome to 2012 - the year we all blow up! Well, I hope not. I got shit to do, dammit. Some of that shit is finishing school (what?!) and welcoming my second child into the world - both of which are gonna make things really interesting around here. But I won't bore you with all that. I know what you come here for - music and records! So check this out... I don't like talking too much about records on the horizon because sometimes things happen and more importantly sometimes things don't happen, which makes us look like some kind of a tease for having mentioned said things. But I am gonna go ahead and list some bands we have either rock-solid or fairly solid plans to put records out by this year. Some will be albums, some will be singles and some will be splits. You'll have to keep checking back for more specific details. For now just check out the bands below and get familiar with those you aren't already. They're all awesome and should make for an exciting year of records. I am sure there will be more before the year is over, but let's take it a few steps at a time for now...

The Maxies
The Copyrights
The Sass Dragons
Rad Payoff
Lipstick Homicide
The Turkletons
Vacation Bible School
The Brokedowns
The Dopamines
The Underground Railroad To Candyland
The Mean Jeans

Feel free to get stoked. It's gonna be rad!