IAR 03 - 7"
The Copyrights "Nowhere Near Chicago"


Release Date: September  2005

Test Pressing: 3 black vinyl
First Pressing: 100 red vinyl, 100 white vinyl, 300 black vinyl

Cover Art: Lew Houston / Adam Alive

01 - Screwin' Around
02 - Kolmer Irons His Socks
03 - Meathead
04 - New One

Everyone comes from somewhere, and the Copyrights aren't afraid to let their roots show. They take four songs - each one by a former band of each member - and bring them back to life in an all new Copyrights kind of way. It's old songs with new style. The Waxdolls, Big Fat Nothing, Attitudes and Holidays never sounded so good. Guaranteed to satisfy... and remember, Carbondale is nowhere near Chicago!