IAR 031910 - 7"
Be My Doppelganger / The Dopamines "Split"

Release Date: March  2010

First Pressing: 200 purple vinyl

Cover Art: Harry Jerkface / Matt Glick / Adam Alive

01 - Get In Line (Be My Doppelganger)
02 - Turning Seventeen (Be My Doppelganger)
03 - Try This Kids At Home (The Dopamines)
04 - October 24th (The Dopamines)

The Be My Doppeldopagangermines s/t 7" = We took the A side of Be My Doppelganger's Sonic Annihilation 7" and Frankensteined it with The Dopamines' B side of the Songs About Fucking Up split 7" with The Copyrights. Two-hundred hand-numbered copies were pressed to be sold during the two bands' March 2010 tour together.