IAR 09 - 7"
The Copyrights / Zatopeks "Handclaps & Bottlecaps"


Release Date: October  2006

Test Pressing: 5 black vinyl
First Pressing: 250 orange vinyl, 250 green vinyl

Cover Art: Adam Alive

01 - Death And The Hobo (Zatopeks)
02 - Help Me Stay Awake (The Copyrights)
03 - Turkish Bread Chronicle (Zatopeks)
04 - Forever Or Today (The Copyrights)

This record is comprised of all acoustic takes of punk rock songs - one old and one new from each band. Itís not emo. Itís not ďsensitiveĒ. Itís not trying to be anything itís not. Itís about stripping down the rock n roll even further than just four chords, crappy amps and a shitty mic - which is what makes punk rock punk rock. Itís about sitting around with your buddies jamming out some tunes in your basement, bedroom or on your front porch. The Copyrightsí tracks are what writing songs is all about: a couple of acoustic guitars, a basic drum set (just enough to keep a beat) and a couple of voices. Whistling takes the place of what will one day become a guitar lead. Handclaps to fill the space later to be occupied by drum fills and bass lines. Great vocals and solid song structure shine through even more when thereĎs less to hide behind. The Zatopeksí tracks are all about having fun with what you have around. If you donít have all the fancy amps with effects and distortion or the full drum set, improvise! These guys have incorporated all kinds of shit (including the kitchen sink!) into their songs. If it makes noise, the Zatopeks used it on these recordings. At the heart of it all though is simply great song writing, period.