IAR 10 - 7"
The Badamps "Two Face"

Release Date: October  2006

Test Pressing: 3 black vinyl
First Pressing: 500 black vinyl

Cover Art: Adam Alive

01 - Two Face
02 - 10,000 Miles Away
03 - High School Sweetheart
04 - Milkshake Murder

You could call The Badamps a pop punk band and you wouldn’t be wrong at all. But to say that they’re just another run-of-the-mill generic bubblegum band would be dead wrong. The keen of ear is going to hear a little more than just a 4-chord standard Ramones routine. The Badamps’ sound bears the influence of some oldies style bee-bop rocknroll, a little folk, and of course a whole lot of power pop. They might look like the Ramones, but you’d probably hear them covering a song by The Pointed Sticks sooner than the kings of Queens. While considered taboo in most pop punk units, open chords and minor chords are common fare for these fellas. Some bands play simple styles because that’s all they can do, but The Badamps play it down because it’s their style of choice and they’re sticking to it. They bring distinct guitar tones, classic nice-guy vocals, and boogie-beat melodies to a genre of punk always in need of as much stand-apart individuality as can be crammed into it. The four tracks on the “Two Face” ep certainly aren’t revolutionary or even cutting-edge, but I’ll be damned if they don’t make you wanna cut some rug.