IAR 30 - 7"
The Dopamines / Till Plains "Split"

Release Date: December 2008

Test Pressing: 10 black vinyl
First Pressing: 500 black vinyl, 500 mixed color vinyl (210 baby blue, 120 light grey, 70 lavender, 65 dark grey, 15 blue, 10 purple, 10 black & white swirl)

Cover Art: Jon Lewis

01 - Car Trouble (The Dopamines)
02 - You Must Be Joking (The Dopamines)
03 - Interior (Till Plains)
04 - Bitter Innards (Till Plains)

Cincinnati, and most of Ohio for that matter, is turning out a bunch of great music by a horde of great bands these days. Both bands on this split bring the energy that comes with being part of a surging scene on the rise. The Dopamines do it with harmonies and hooks. Till Plains do it with dissonance and intensity. A pairing of the two styles makes for a great split that serves as a good snapshot of what the Cincinnati underground has to offer in the way of new bands making great music.