IAR 42 - CD/LP
The Varsity Weirdos "Can't Go Home"

Release Date: March 2010

Test Pressing: 10 black vinyl
First Pressing: 550 black vinyl, 100 blue/white split color vinyl, 1000 jewelcase double CDs

Cover Art: Adam Alive

01 - Cut Throat
02 - Can't Go Home
03 - Look At The Stars
04 - L.S.F.E.S.
05 - I Hate The Phone
06 - End World
07 - F.B.I.
08 - Disconnected
09 - Why I Didn't Like August '93
10 - October
11 - Hammer
12 - You Bother Me

Bonus Disc:
01 - Codependency
02 - The Way I Know
03 - Brain Sick
04 - Never Liked You Anyway
05 - Fly Me Up To The Moon
06 - High School Teen Party
07 - I Don't Go To Parties
08 - Tiffany
09 - Lost Control
10 - Gotta Be With You

The Varsity Weirdos are back with their fourth release and first full-length album for Itís Alive Records. When everything has been done, go back to the start and do it again. Do it right. Do it better than itís been done before. When it comes to classic pop punk it all starts and ends with the Ramones. The Varsity Weirdos are one of the few bands hanging from the Ramones family tree that somehow manage to take whatís been done, but make it sound all their own - a rare feat in the post Screeching Weasel and Queers world. They donít do it by adding uneccesary extras for the sake of it. They donít do it by merging the tried and true with some new and improved garbage. They simply do it by playing true to what they love. Sincerity goes a long way in a genre filled mostly with songs about bubblegum and the junior prom. You either hate the genre or you love it - thereís very little room for fence-sitting. Canít Go Home might not make converts out of any of the haters, but itís sure to serve as a strong reminder to all the lovers why they still give a shit about classic pop punk.