IAR 46 - 7"
The Creeps "Follow You Home"

Release Date: July 2010

Test Pressing: 10 glow-in-the-dark vinyl
First Pressing: 500 black vinyl, 100 glow-in-the-dark vinyl

Cover Art: Dave Williams

01 - Cold Feet
02 - Ready Roll
03 - It's Not Right
04 - Follow You Home

The Creeps have been doing their thing for the better part of a decade now. Their first album in 2003 (Gamma Gamma Ray) was very much in the vain of the sci-fi-horror-outter-space meets girls-with-problems pop punk thing popular throughout the late 90's into early 00's. Though they were totally proficient and capable of rocking a good tune, it wasn't anything terribly fresh. Their next album in 2005 (Back To The Bin) had something new to offer in the guitar leads department, but otherwise wasn't too different in style or sound. It was, however, themed from start to finish - something pretty much trademark for the band ever since. 2008 saw the release of their third album (Lakeside Cabin) on which The Creeps really found their own sound. They got comfortable slowing it down and experimenting with song structures and really sparse yet effective backing vocals. Skottie's lead vocals were improved almost to the point of reinvention - they're unmistakable once familiarized with them. Later that year they released their first 7" EP (These Walls). It was on that EP that The Creeps really claimed the sound that is now their own and took a big step out into less trodden territory in the world of pop punk rock. That brings us to now... Follow You Home is The Creeps' sound perfected! Incredible lead and backing vocals, bright and shiny guitar leads over driving rhythms, thick clean bass lines over precision drum beats... it's all there. It's hard to imagine them getting any better than this, but then again it has been and upward trend ever since their beginning...