IAR 47 - 7"
The Spinoffs "Stayin' Alive"

Release Date: December 2010

Test Pressing: 10 black vinyl
First Pressing: 300 orange vinyl

Cover Art: Adam Alive

01 - Stayin' Alive
02 - Wilt Chamberlain
03 - Square Patrol
04 - The Breakdown
05 - Prosthetic Hip

Mutant Pop Records played a huge role in my own personal musical history. It not only exposed me to a number of fantastic pop punk bands by way of releases and the 1,000 Flowers mailorder and distro, but it also provided me with hours of enjoyment reading the monthly catalogs - later turned full-fledged zine - and weeks of excitement; anticipating the day I would come home to find my mailbox full of new records to spin.

I started my own record label nearly a decade after Tim had started Mutant Pop, and sadly nearly half a decade after he called it a day (for the first time anyway). I have never been shy to say that along with Stardumb Records, Mutant Pop was the biggest influence and inspiration for how I wanted Itís Alive to operate as a label, but also to act as a documentation for what was happening in the underground.

Timís final go-around with Mutant Pop ended with a couple of records left in limbo between plating and release. One of these was The Spinoffs ďStayiní AliveĒ EP, originally slated to be released as MP-47. The band had intended to ask Itís Alive to release the EP (hence the first track and title of the record), but understandably jumped at the chance to be part of the Mutant Pop catalog when the opportunity arose.

It made all the sense in the world to rescue this record from oblivion and release it ourselves! It is the closest thing we could do to co-releasing a record with the inimitable Mutant Pop - the plates are 100% MP; read the etchings! The Spinoffs are a great representation of a pop punk band doing their own unique thing in their own special way, just the way MP and IAR like it.