IAR 56 - CD/LP
Crusades "The Sun Is Down And The Night Is Riding In"

Release Date: September 2011

Test Pressing: none
First Pressing: 300 black vinyl, 200 red w/ black swirls vinyl, 1000 ecopak CDs
Second Pressing: 300 black vinyl, 200 clear w/ black haze vinyl
Third Pressing: 500 black vinyl

Cover Art: Dave Williams

01 - Attic
02 - Sacraments
03 - Accomplice
04 - Rapture
05 - Driven
06 - Dreamers
07 - Remedy
08 - Serpentine
09 - Beacons
10 - Termites
11 - Dreamers (CD only bonus track)
12 - Becky (CD only bonus track)
13 - Gifts (CD only bonus track)
14 - Beacons (CD only bonus track)

To call the Ottawa punk scene incestual makes it sound too wholesome. At this point, a band family tree would be impossible. They’ve crossed the line into band forest territory; new sprouts feeding off the old growth. It’s a successful ecosystem inhabited by amazing musicians. At the end of the day, those people and their bands are releasing the most high quality records, per capita, in the entire world. The newest germination is Crusades’ debut full-length, The Sun Is Down and the Night Is Riding In.

In my eyes, all punk worth a damn is somewhat anti-Christian, but Crusades take it to a new level. They combine their disdain for organized religion with melodies four voices deep. Crusades own the night, enlisting the unholy powers of unlikely allies like The Chinese Telephones, From Ashes Rise, and Alice Cooper.  - Todd Taylor