IAR 63- 7"
Weekend Dads "Weekend Dads"

Release Date: October 2011

Test Pressing: none
First Pressing: 300 black vinyl, 200 pink vinyl

Cover Art: Yorodeo (yorodeo.tumblr.com

01 - Changing Lanes
02 - Erase My Brain
03 - Feedback My Heart
04 - Desperation Mart

Weekend Dads get their jam on in the land that lies somewhere between the classic four-chord down-stroking pop punk of yesteryear and the shout-it-out-loud super-charged anthems of today's modern pop punkers. They've taken two subgenres that have been done to death and put them together in a style that bridges the gap between the sugary sweet and hopelessly bleak. Their debut release is by no means a reinvention of the wheel, but more like a ride through a neighborhood you've been to a thousand times before, only this time you're taking the side streets and alleyways you always overlooked. The best shit is always in places you least expect to find it... places like Moncton, New Brunswick!