IAR 91 - 7"
Skinny Genes "Ugh"

Release Date: Septmeber 2015

Test Pressing: none
First Pressing: 250 blue vinyl, 250 green vinyl

Cover Art: Tom Lowel (tomlowell.tumblr.com)

01 - Self-Defeat Champion Of The Galaxy
02 - Words With Friends With Benefits
03 - Don't Do Something, Just Sit There
04 - Stallage

Remember how all of The Steinways and House Boat records had a couple songs by that other guy who wasn't the main singer and how all of those songs by that guy always ruled super hard? That other guy was Ace. A year or two ago Ace started his own solo project one man band called Skinny Genes. He plays all the instruments and sings all of the vocals. Ugh is the second EP to be released by Skinny Genes. Every song on Ugh rules super hard just like every song of Ace's ruled in his past bands. I swear, this dude is still batting a thousand after all these years.