IAR 96 - 7"
The Transgressions "Fucked Up"

Release Date: April 2015

Test Pressing: none
First Pressing: 250 black vinyl, 250 white vinyl

Cover Art: Henry Rotering

01 - I Don't Wanna Be
02 - Holey Fuck
03 - You're The One
04 - Grim Fairytale
05 - Fucked Up

A little over ten years ago pop punk had pretty much bottomed out in terms of popularity and vitality. I am sure the former had a lot to do with the latter. After a couple years of dormancy, a handful of bands brought it back in a big way with their own new takes on genre. It was kind of like a second or third coming of pop punk. Shortly after being re-established as a style of punk rock anyone should give a shit about, a crop of new bands started popping up. A lot of them took the style to a dirtier, grittier place. It's like they stomped on the bubble gum of the past, peeled that crud crusted wad off the bottom of their trashed Chuck Taylors and chewed it up anyway and spit back out at us. I don't think there was a band better at doing this than The Transgressions. The music was as simple as ever, but the lyrics were dark and dank, the vocals were thrashed, and the production was just trashed. I loved it! I really wanted to do something with The Transgressions, but they called it quits before we had a chance to make it happen. Fast forward a bunch of years and they're back! They picked up that spit-out dirty wad again and are blowing bubbles with it anyway. Fucked Up is fucked up. It's just as trashy as ever, and I love it.