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09/24/14 - Six things at once is not the way to do things, but that's exactly what we did!

Hey, all! Yes, six new records are officially out now and readily available for direct order on the store page and also from our much loved distributor No Idea Records. For all of you who purchased pre-orders, THANK YOU! We couldn't do any of this without the support we receive from you. If you haven't already  purchased this new round of releases, please check them out below and get what moves ya! Check out the releases page for more write ups and pressing info for each release.

A couple of years ago Luke McNeill, drummer and principal songwriter of The Copyrights, found himself living a couple hundred miles away from the rest of his band. Never a guy to suffer a shortage of songs to write or desire to play, he started another band, Hospital Job. The similarities between his two bands are easy to hear on first listen, but repeat listens reveal differences that seem subtle at first, but fairly profound after time. There is an earnestness in Hospital Job to be its own band with its own sound. The Believer is a melody-heavy, power-driven pop punk album that rides the line between the contemporary mid west pop punk sound and indie rock style of decades past. At times it charges full force into your gut with relentless hooks, at others it infects on a more cerebral level with unexpected twists, turns, repeats and breaks. The end result is one hell of a catchy album always worth starting on track one and playing straight through to the end.

I received a copy of Hi Ho Silver, Away's debut album Chore in the mail this past winter. It didn't leave my car's CD player for a week. It got better with each listen, slowly unfolding itself and revealing its simple yet powerful intricacies. Hi Ho Silver, Away! leave nothing for wanting on Chore. Deeply personal lyrical content delivered by urgent and pained vocals. Guitar fills the comforting airy space in every song with clear and determined intention. Bass rhythms alter between slow and steady and franticly spastic. And when you find yourself slapping your thighs with the rhythm and stomping your feet with the beat, you will know the drums are doing it up good and proper. Perhaps what I am most impressed about with Chore is an incredibly catchy melodic slant that exists despite the lack of any standard verse/chorus song structure or rhyming patterns. Everything flows on its own course and is anything but a chore to be moved by and enjoy..

It's been thirteen years since Ottawa, Ontario's The Creeps released their first full length album. Like many pop punk bands getting a start at that time, they fell into similar trappings of writing songs about girls, aliens, UFOs and spies. A few years in, a recurring theme of death and murder entered into their body of songs. It was a theme they held onto for many years and perfected over time. Love or hate the subject matter, the music could not be denied. Fast forward to present day, seven years since the release of their last full length album. The Creeps are back with Eulogies. Ten tracks of melodic pop punk perfected. The theme of death still remains at the center of the songs, but it has changed. The feelings of anger and despair no longer manifest as murder. They have turned inward and taken on the form of suicide.  These eulogies are being sung for you, but there is a special kind of beauty within each tragedy. Hold on. Reach out. Let go. You are free.

The Capitalist Kids third album At A Loss brings the early 90s Lookout Records sound of The Mr. T Experience and Green Day into a modern day arena of sociopolitical awareness with catchy as shit results! Nothing can worm its way into your head like a perfectly crafted pop tune. Attach a message to that tune and you've just found a way to get some serious points delivered to an audience it won't likely shake too easily. I'm not sure if this is a mission the band is actively pursuing or if they simply wanted to write some lyrics to some songs with something more to say than, you know, "I'm in love with so and so and it's so sweet!" Intentional or not, I think it's awesome that The Capitalist Kids have created a bunch of songs that could just as easily be the soundtrack to a teeny bopper sock hop or serve as a guide on how not to be a totally shitty, uninformed human being in 2014. But don't fret, love songs were not omitted entirely!

Some random day back in 1995 I walked into my local record store to flip through all the new releases just like I did at least a few times each week. A guy working there named Mike cared to know what I liked and knew it well. On this particular random day he pulled out Plow United's self titled album and presented it to me without a saying a word. He just looked at me, then at the record and then nodded. He was usually very talkative and happy to engage in conversation about bands and records, so I took his silent suggestion straight to heart. I didn't even consider not buying that album that day. And so it goes, my life was changed forever. I never thought that 19 years later I would be running a record label and re-releasing this classic masterpiece. But here we are and here it is. Twelve tracks of why punk rock matters to me. And if you told me it was going to be re-mastered by Stephen Egerton of the DESCENDENTS? Pssssh, yeah right!

Fifteen years after disbanding Plow United reformed. To say they picked up where they left off would be an understatement and incorrect. In fact, they picked up right where they would have been had they never disbanded at all. It's like they gained fifteen years of improvement without having actually played together for those fifteen years. It's incredible, really. It's a rare thing for a band to reunite after as much time and come back better than they've ever been before. As a long time fan I couldn't be happier with the Plow United of today. As someone running a record label releasing this new EP with the band, I am on the moon! Delco is the second record to be released by Plow United since reforming two years ago. The songs were written very much about their hometown in Delaware County where the band first got its start. It plays as a four track reminder of who Plow United was, who they have become and where they are going next.

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06/02/14 - Finally, Three New records!

We ran into some problems with international shipping on this new batch of the releases. We're talking the stuff on record label nightmares! Delayed over a month now from co-release of these records, we are now ready to go. So without further delay, let's do this. You know how this works. We put 'em out, you buy 'em up. Right? Yeah, that's right!

Two years ago The Turkletons split a 7" with Masked Intruder and now those crooks are top of the pops. Last year The Turkletons split a 7" with Lipstick Homicide and now those kids are America's sweethearts (and American Idiots' [obligatory Green Day name drop] too). Tired of carrying other bands to the upper echelons of pop punk fame and fortune, The Turkletons decided that this year they would put out a split 7" with themselves. Yes, a record with The Turkletons on both sides! Fur Frontal delivers not two, not three, but four of thee best pop punk songs ever crafted by aging Minnesota pop punkers still into this shit after all these damn years. You'd be hard pressed to find a band cranking out catchier, more infectious, funny-ass jams than The Turkletons. I hope you can handle it.

The Mugwumps are back! Thought dead for years, Austria's finest pop punk band crawled out from under that rock reanimated and ready to go with their second full length album, Mutation In The Family. Their sound has indeed mutated bit since the last time we put out a record with them seven years ago. A little less frantic and a little more melodic, Mutation In The Family drops fourteen solid jams on yer head to rock out and get stupid to. The Mugwumps made and played Mutation In The Family as an homage to everything great they loved about the 90s Lookout Records pop punk catalog -  from the style to the sound and even the cartoony artwork. I think their efforts were met with great success. And if you're into that good old pop punk style too, I think you'll agree.

Back in 2006 we released the first of what would become many records with The Manges. In the release write up for that first single I called them a punk rock institution. I still stand by that statement today. Four albums, a slew of singles, and eight years added to their resume and I'd say they're fast approaching legendary status. All Is Well is The Manges' fourth full length album and second on It's Alive. They have continue to stick to the formula of streamline punk rock without screwing it up. All Is Well finds The Manges working with former founding member Herve Peroncini (of the Italian band The Peawees) as producer. His '60s soul style of rhythm and blues and roots rock n roll are heavily present in the album's sound. Guitars ring through crisp and clear with little to no distortion, rhythms pop, and vocals soar above. All Is Well is The Manges' answer to Road To Ruin. A new take on an old sound.

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02/07/14 - Konnichiwa!

Earlier this year The Kingons came over from Japan to do a little California tour. Most dates were with Greenlandic transplants, The Maxies. The two bands fell in love with each other on stage and off. Everyone at the shows fell in love with the bands, too. It was an international love fest! Both bands put on incredible live shows. The Kingons melted minds with their power pop mod punk rock n roll and through-the-roof level of energy, enthusiasm and dance moves! The Maxies melted hearts with their power pop punk ballads, love-to-hate-'em stage antics and those oh so fabulous physiques! Plans were quickly made to bring the love fest across the sea to Japan. A record to commemorate and celebrate the majesty of such a power-house pairing had to be made and we jumped at the opportunity to do just that. This glorious split delivers 16 minutes of the most eargasm inducing tuneage of recent history.  It was too much rock for a mere 7" to handle, so we upped the split to the almighty 10" format. The cover art features kick ass illustration by comic artist Tom "The Cock" Cochran.

Grab a copy from the store page or from both bands currently on tour in the land of the rising fun!.

February 7, 2014 - Hiroshima, Japan @ Club Border
(with So-Cho Pistons)

February 8, 2014 - Kobe, Japan @ Slope
(with The Wimpys, The Tuesday)

February 9, 2014 - Osaka, Japan @ Fandango

February 10, 2014 - Nagoya, Japan @ Huck Finn
(with Sex Machine, Village Man Store)

February 11, 2014 - Tokyo, Japan @ High
(with Sex Machine)

Check out both bands on facebook right here:

Kingons on facebook

The Maxies on facebook

Stream the full split on from the release page or on the It's Alive Records bandcamp page.

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01/06/14 - New Year... Old Band... New Album!

It's a new year and we are starting it off with an album from a band we haven't worked with since our early days. I'm talking about the Zatopeks! One of our favorite bands of the past ten years. Shit, one of our favorite bands ever!

We finally teamed up with long-time friends Monster Zero Records (Austria) and new-comers East Beat Records (Russia) for the release of About Bloody Time, the Zatopeks' third full-length album. In keeping with old friends from punk rock past, Stardumb Records' Stefan Tijs put together the amazing artwork for this album - another first for It's Alive - finally!.

About Bloody Time is the third album from the Zatopeks and their first with It's Alive. It's been a long six years since their last album, and seven since their last release with us. To say it's about bloody time is the understatement of this past decade. I still kick myself daily for not having released their last album on It's Alive.

Never a band easy to describe or categorize, Zatopeks are back with more of their own unique interpretation of punk rock that is unmistakably theirs alone. Mixed parts pop punk, classic 77 style, rock n roll, and folk all come together as a style instantly recognizable to fans as the Z boys' classic sound, and sure to make a lasting impression on those hearing the band for the first time. And just as every previous album of the Zatopeks found the boys stretching the mould and adding new elements, so too does About Bloody Time.

Powerful, poetic and insightful lyrics are an integral part of what makes a Zatopeks song. Will Deniro continues to improve upon his past achievements and make a lyric sheet a must have part for the complete package. It's quite a testament for a lyricist to be as interesting as word on paper as he is as voice on record. Will's brilliant at doing just that.

Pick up the LP, CD and t-shirt right here on our store page.

For those not yet familiar with the band, listen to the entire album on our bandcamp page and keep up with the Zatopeks on their facebook page.

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